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How many credits can I earn for clicking on other users' links?

Each time you click on another users' link - either on your Start Page, in the Search Engine, etc. - you will earn free credits as outlined below.

The number of credits you earn is random, and ranges anywhere from 1 to 1,000 free credits every time you click. This can really add up, so we encourage you to do all of the things mentioned above, and click often.

In order to prevent abuse of the system, there are restrictions:

  1. You can click as many sites as you want, but you will only earn free credits on your first 250 clicks per day. We believe this is a good balance between preventing abuse, but also allowing you to earn lots of free credits.
  2. You can only earn free clicks once every 20 seconds. If you click on a users' site, you are expected to at least take a quick look at the site before clicking on another site. Clicking 10 sites in 15 seconds in an attempt to get lots of free credits is a waste of time and resources, and is not allowed.
  3. You will only earn free credits once per day per site. If you click the same link 100 times in 1 day, you will only earn free credits once.

We can't reveal the exact details on how the anti-cheating system works, for obvious reasons, but there are also other systems in place to detect abuse. Any user trying to abuse the system will be automatically deleted.

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