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Why can't I promote my Start Page or let other people use it?

Your Start Page is just that - YOUR Start Page. It is for you to use, and no one else. Every user has their own Start Page, and anyone that wants a TrafficSwarm Start Page simply needs to create a free account.

We found that most people who wanted to promote their Start Page wanted to do so via other traffic exchanges, rotators, etc. And unfortunately most of them don't have adequate anti-cheating measures in place - which means that our users' hard-earned impressions would be wasted.

The proper way to introduce people to TrafficSwarm is by promoting your Referral URL. Promoting your Referral URL will generate more referrals and a lot more credits anyway - it's a proven fact!

The #1 reason NOT to promote your Start Page URL is that YOU are responsible for its use.

If you do, other people WILL abuse it - and they definitely will NOT perform the required click tests on your behalf - and YOU will be held responsible ... so do NOT promote your Start Page.

Note: There is absolutely no way that anyone can find out your Start Page URL, unless YOU give it to them. So you are held 100% responsible, and there are no exceptions. If you promote your Start Page URL and then your account gets deleted, please do not email us asking why.

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