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I received a warning but have a good "excuse". Can I explain?

If you received an email warning from our monitoring systems that you are loading your Start Page using automated mechanisms, or that you are inappropriately promoting your Start Page, please take it seriously.

While the warning doesn't mean we're calling you a "cheater", it does indicate with 100% accuracy that you've violated our Terms of Service.

We understand that it could have been an innocent mistake, which is why you received a warning. However, if you ignore the warnings and continue to violate the rules the system will automatically delete your account.

"I'm not loading my page automatically, it must be a coincidence!"

Our monitoring systems are very accurate in detecting automated loads of your Start Page, which is strictly prohibited. The odds of receiving a warning when you really aren't using an automated system to load your Start Page have been conservatively estimated at over a billion to 1.

But just in case you're the unluckiest person in the world, we allow you 3 warnings. If you're really not loading your Start Page automatically, you have nothing to worry about - the odds of our system being wrong 4 times are incomprehensible, and simply will not happen in your lifetime.

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