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Are my links displayed only to other TrafficSwarm users?

Unlike most other traffic-exchanges, when you join TrafficSwarm your site is exposed to potentially 1000s of new and unique visitors each and every day - not just other members of the traffic-exchange network.

While the TrafficSwarm Start Page system is the heart of the network, and hundreds of new users sign-up and begin using it every day, it's just one of several "audiences" you're exposed to.

For example, consider the TrafficSwarm Search Engine. 1000s of websites, covering every topic you can think of, proudly offer a TrafficSwarm Search interface in prominent locations of their sites. The combined audience of the TrafficSwarm Search network consists of millions of unique web surfers per day, and they can all find your site(s) in our Search Engine if you're offering what they are looking for.

Another example is the TrafficSwarm Link Box, which is incorporated into 1000s of other sites across the web - similar to the TrafficSwarm Search Engine. Via these Link Boxes, your targeted links are exposed to literally an unlimited number of unique web surfers each and every day all across the Internet.

Don't settle for a traffic-generation system where your links or site is only exposed to other users of the system. A huge audience of prospects is just another of the many benefits unique to TrafficSwarm.

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