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How do I "activate" my account and get my free bonus credits?

An activated account is one which has earned a minimum of 50 credits. So to "activate" your account and receive your 100 bonus credits, just do any one or more of the following to earn at least 50 credits.

  • Load your TrafficSwarm Start Page (1 credit each time you load it)
  • Click on links on your Start Page (1-1,000 credits for each click)
  • Refer another "activated" user (100 credits for each that you refer)
  • Purchasing credits will also activate your account (any amount)

Once you have accumulated at least 50 credits your account will be "activated" within four hours, and you'll receive your bonus credits.

Activating your account is simple and fun, and helps us to reduce cheating. By giving away bonuses only to those who are actually using TrafficSwarm, we ensure that those who deserve it the most get the best results.

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