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What are the benefits and cost of a Pro account?

A Pro account has many benefits, with something for everyone. Whether you use the Start Page a lot or never at all, whether you refer lots of other users or just a few, and even if you don't really use the system at all and just want to promote your site(s) - upgrading to a Pro account just makes sense.

Here are the monthly benefits of a Pro account, which begin the moment you upgrade:

  1. 2,500 credits automatically added to your account.
  2. You'll receive 200 credits for referring new members -- that's twice as many as Free members earn.
  3. You'll get 10% more credits free with any credits purchased.
  4. NEW You'll earn a minimum of three Credits (two Bonus Pro Credits) on your first 20 Start Page clicks each day! Plus earn a minimum of two credits (1 Bonus credit) for each click after the initial 20 per day . This means that aside from any mystery bonuses, you will generally earn 3-7 for the first 20 clicks and 2-6 credits for each click after that as opposed to 1-5 credits for Free users. (That's an additional 1,500 credits compared to a Free user with only 30 clicks per day!)
  5. You'll earn two credits for each load of your Start Page. Free TrafficSwarm users earn one credit for their first 30 Start Page loads each day. PRO users now earn twice that amount meaning you will earn an extra 900 credits every month, assuming a 30 day month.
  6. NEW You'll earn two Bonus Credits on Start Pages loads 31-50. That's another 1,200 credits each month over a Free user.
  7. You'll earn 1 bonus credit each time one of your personally referred downline users (those on your 1st level) clicks on any of the links on their Start Page or in the Search Engine. Wow!
  8. Your link(s) will be part of the "Featured Sites" rotation with other Pro users, and you will receive an equal share of the "Featured Sites" links displayed on our main web site. 1000s per month!
  9. You'll earn recurring monthly commissions paid DAILY each time someone in your downline upgrades to Pro, or renews their upgrade. You can request a commission payment any time you are owed $30 or more! The monthly commissions you'll earn are as follows:

    Level 1 - $5     Level 2 - $4     Level 3 - $3     Level 4 - $2     Level 5 - $1

  10. You'll be able to promote an unlimited number of URLs - not just 10.
  11. Your URLs will receive priority review and approval status.

So how much does the Pro upgrade cost?

The cost of upgrading to Pro is only $30 per month! As shown in the answer to the next question, all of the benefits listed above have a retail value of at least for the average user - not to mention you could easily earn more than enough to pay for your upgrade just by referring a few people.

How do I upgrade to Pro and get started?

Upgrading to a Pro account takes just 2 minutes. Just login to your account and click the Upgrade link, and you'll instantly receive 2,500 credits and all the other benefits described above!

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