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My referrals are disappearing! Are that many people cancelling?

Yes, believe it or not some people just don't see the power of TrafficSwarm and do cancel their accounts. Generally speaking it is those who sign-up thinking they are going to get something for nothing, then find out that is not the case and cancel in order to stop receiving our emails.

On top of that, any account that has no activity after 60 days is automatically deleted by the system as well. Inactive users receive several helpful emails before their account is deleted for inactivity, but if they don't have any interest in using TrafficSwarm then we don't have any interest in wasting our resources by keeping them in our databases, etc. since they aren't doing us or you any good.

Finally, we strictly enforce all of the rules and regulations laid out in our Terms of Service and unfortunately need to delete many users each and every day for blatant violations of the rules i.e. cheaters who benefit no one.

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