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I do not understand why my URL was rejected, can you explain?

There are several standard reasons a URL will be rejected, which are all explained in more detail below. Otherwise, the email that you received should explain in exact detail why your URL was rejected.

Adult Content

Adult content, or links to adult content, are strictly prohibited. This goes for blatantly pornographic content, as well as any other content not suitable for a general audience. Children may visit your site via TrafficSwarm.

Inappropriate Ad Text

You must provide a meaningful Title and Description for your link. Single words or a long list of keywords one after another are not acceptable. Your Title and Description must be formatted in an appropriate manner i.e. spaces between words, proper use of capitalization, etc.

Inappropriate Site

Sites that contain or link to any of the following are not appropriate - software piracy or content promoting other illegal activities, non-English content, content that is inflammatory, defamatory or generally offensive.

Please do not submit sites that are not essentially "finished" and/or presentable. If your site is obviously still "under construction" i.e. lots of broken images, links don't work, etc. it will also be rejected.

Non-English Content

TrafficSwarm is currently accepting only sites with content that is primarily in English, as the overwhelming majority of our users are English-speaking. We are working on ways to drive traffic to Non-English sites - stay tuned.

Too Many Pop-Ups

One tasteful pop-up/pop-under on entry and/or exit is acceptable. Thus, if your site spawns multiple pop-up/pop-under windows at the same time, windows that can't be closed, etc. your URL will be rejected.

Javascript prompts are treated as if they were a pop-up. So if your page spawns a pop-up and a Javascript prompt, it will also be rejected. The idea is that our users shouldn't have to close more than 1 additional window.

URL Breaks Frames

Your URL "breaks frames" which is a violation of our Terms of Service. If you don't understand what this means, see the specific FAQ about frames in this section.

URL Does Not Work

This means your URL was rejected because it did not load and/or display properly. Reasons for this could be "404 Not Found", "Page Can Not Be Displayed", or any other related errors when trying to load your URL.

If your page doesn't load at all due to a problem with your ISP, website provider, etc. we will generally try again a few hours later before rejecting it. However, if it's unavailable for an extended period it will be rejected.

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