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How does the system determine when my links are displayed?

If you have available credits, your link(s) will be displayed in the category or categories that you have selected within a relatively short time. The more credits you have, the faster your links are displayed.

Sometimes your link will be shown within seconds of you earning credits, and other times it will take a little longer. Over a very short time period you may notice your credits building up, but this is nothing to worry about.

If you earn 1,000 credits in a week, for example, your link will be displayed approximately the same number of times during that same period.

The exact timing of when your links are displayed is based on many factors, including but not limited to the number of active users who are owed credits at any given time, the distribution of these earned credits across various categories, how many pageviews are generated on a particular day, etc.

It's a very complex system, but in the end it all evens out. TrafficSwarm is self-adjusting, which means it constantly adapts to the way that people use the system. For example, if your credits build up for one reason or another the system will automatically start displaying your links more frequently.

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