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How do I know how many visitors I am getting from TrafficSwarm?

Due to the way TrafficSwarm works, it would be very difficult to provide click stats in any meaningful way. Reporting this info for over 100,000 users with over 500,000 links that are constantly changing is no small task, and just isn't worth it when you can do it yourself much more easily and effectively.

At best we could provide the raw number of times your links are clicked, but that is practically worthless data from a tracking standpoint. But don't worry, it's easy to do yourself and you'll be better off anyway. Here's an overview of the 2 basic ways to track links, depending on how serious you are ...

1. Use basic "tracking urls" at TrafficSwarm

Say your website is Rather than promoting this URL via TrafficSwarm, submit a slightly modified URL that includes a unique tracking code at the end of the URL. Here's an example:

Then, all you need to do is use your current web stats system to see exactly how many times this specific URL with the special tracking code was accessed. If you're promoting multiple links at TrafficSwarm and testing various titles and descriptions, etc. just use a different "code" at the end of each URL:


2. Use a more sophisticated "link tracking" system

There are many different types of software and/or web-based systems that you can use to track all of your ads, whether at TrafficSwarm or anywhere else. Some of them can be installed and run at your own site, while others are offered as 3rd-party services where you usually pay a small monthly fee. If you run a for-profit web business you can literally double or triple your business by using such a tool.

A good website to get information on the various options available is

If you're really serious, we suggest a good link tracking system like AdMinder. Not only will it track the visitors generated from all of your links/ads, but it can also track exactly how many sales, downloads, subscribers, etc. were generated from each ad, calculate your return on investment, etc.

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