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Can you give me some tips for the Title & Description of my site?

Your ad copy (whether in the form of a sales letter, web page, banner ad, e-zine ad, etc.) is the MOST important aspect of any promotion. A well written ad gets the potential customer interested and in a "buying mood", whereas a poorly written ad bores and drives customers AWAY from your business. Listed below are some general suggestions for writing a good TrafficSwarm ad - so we're going to keep it simple and to the point. 

TrafficSwarm Ad Title

The headline or title of your ad is the MOST important thing of all, because it's the first thing your potential prospect sees. Your title should promise or allude to some key benefit. It can either be a statement or a question such as "Finally, a cure for baldness..." or "Are you balding? Then read this..."

TrafficSwarm Ad Description

The description is the "closer". You get their attention with the headline and convince the prospect to click with your description. Keep it short, to the point and be specific. List benefits - not features - of your offer. Here's an example of a good ad which combines all the above criteria:

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Remember, the whole point of your ad is to get the potential prospect interested and/or curious enough to click to your site for more information. That's it. You simply want the prospect to think to themselves "Wow this sounds interesting ... I think I'll click and check it out." 

A few final tips. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE ALL CAPS LIKE THIS in your ad. It's hard to read, but more importantly it screams hype. Same thing with exclamation points like this!!!!!!!!!!!!! It raises a red flag in the readers mind and most immediately think of hype, scams, etc.

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